4-H Breeding Livestock Incentive Program

The Minnesota Livestock Breeders Association (MLBA), in partnership with the Minnesota 4-H program, is excited to announce the new MLBA 4-H Breeding Livestock Incentive Program at the 2024 Minnesota State Fair. The goal of this new incentive program is to recognize outstanding youth for achieving top honors on their 4-H breeding livestock exhibits at the State Fair. The MLBA will provide up to $16,000 in matching dollars to support top 4-H breeding beef, sheep, swine, market goat, dairy goat, and poultry exhibits. These funds were generated through support from the MLBA 4-H Purple Ribbon Auction at the MN State Fair and Ames Construction, which will be matched by support funds that are raised by the respective 4-H species committees. The new incentive awards will be presented during the respective 4-H breeding livestock shows at the 2024 MN State Fair.

The 4-H Breeding Livestock Incentive awards will be presented to the following exhibits:

  • Top 5 Beef Breeding Heifers
  • Top 3 Beef Cow/Calf Pairs
  • Top 5 Swine Breeding Gilts
  • Top 5 Sheep Breeding Ewes
  • Top 5 Sheep Wether Dams
  • Top 5 Market Goat Breeding Does
  • Champion & Reserve Dairy Goat Breeding Does
  • Champion & Reserve Breeding Poultry Pens

If you would like to provide financial support to this effort, you are able to donate at z.umn.edu/4hfairawards

If you have questions about this program, please reach out to: Kent Thiesse 507-381-7960